Saturday, March 6, 2010


3 Idiots, a first Bollywood movie which I saw more then 7 times (Completely) after Suryavansham (thanks to SMax) . Do not know how many times more I am gonna watch these movies.
After 3 Idiots I got the answer from all my Tamil friends why do they watch movies 5-6 times in theaters as they love their starts and die heart fans of Rajni/Kamal/Surya etc.

But I am watching 3 Idiots again and again because the simplicity of the movie, Its really a fully entertaining movie and It has the capability that in a scene when you are serious in next scene it makes you laugh.

It gives a direct message to every social human being. to do whatever he want, just do not follow others, set some milestones. Everyone know his capability what he can do so give your best there.

From 3 Idiots I found that two people are really very very intelligent:-
1. The baby, as he kicks when u say "AAl is well", becuase he wanna say "Gha*a all is well, Its well till the time I am inside after that you do not know that I will be a robot who will work on control of parents/teachers/relatives/competitions .
2. Chetan Bhagat who blamed Raj kumar hirani and others to copy his story. Using this publicity Stunt he forced many people to go and read the book. It will not be surprised if his books have made a Ginnise record of selling maximum copies after 5 years of book published.

Silencer was really awesome and should get a award for the dialogues "Mere pyare
Sahpathoyo....". Others were also too good and suits in threir roles.

I am gonna watch it few more times and waiting for some good movies from Vidhu and Raju.
I also pray from SMax and ZTV to just include this one in their regular movie shows instead of Suryvansham or Hum saath saath hain :) .


  1. Nice start your personal touch makes it a good read......:)

  2. mast hai ...lage raho..jai ho.....alll is welllllllll